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Many of these albums and the other recordings listed can still be ordered directly from Quinlan Road. Full lyrics to all Loreena's songs can be found by clicking here.


An Ancient Muse    Released 21st November 2006

A fantastic, long awaited new album - still sounds uniquely Loreena. Track listing:  Incantation, The Gates of Istanbul, Caravanserai, The English Ladye and the Knight, Kecharitomene, Penelope's Song, Sacred Shabbat, Beneath a Phrygian Sky, Never-ending Road (Amhran Duit).  Bonus disc from B&N includes; Raglan Road.


Live in Paris and Toronto    Released 1999

Loreena sounds fantastic live and this album is a wonderful tribute to her talent and abilities.  The double CD contains the entire listing of The Book of Secrets on disc 1 and on 2 the listing is as follows:  The Mystic's Dream,  Santiago,  Bonny Portmore,  Between the Shadows,  The Lady of Shalott,  The Bonny Swans,  The Old Ways,  All Souls Night,  Cymbeline.

The Book of Secrets      Released 1997

An excellent album with a range of fantastic songs.  A journey like no other!!  Songs include:  Prologue,  The Mummer's Dance,  Skellig,  Marco Polo,  The Highwayman,  La Serenissima,  Night Ride Across the Caucasus,  Dante's Prayer.

A Winter Garden      Released 1995         Remastered 2004

A great little collection of seasonal songs to brighten up any winters day.  Tracks listed are:  Coventry Carol,  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,  Good King Wenceslas,  Snow,  Seeds of Love.

The Mask and Mirror    Released 1994          Remastered 2004

This album is like a rich woven cloth, it contains lots of fine detail and holds its audience in awe! It has power and punch.  The wonderful music combined with her beautiful voice has to be one of Loreena's best albums ( in my humble opinion of course!!).  Tracks are:  The Mystic's Dream,  The Bonny Swans,  The Dark Night of the Soul,  Marrakesh Night Market,  Full Circle,  Santiago,  The Two Trees,  Prospero's Speech.

 The Visit     Released 1991            Remastered 2004

An album that is gently steering away from the previous style and influence that we experienced in her earlier work.  Tracks are:  All Souls Night,  Bonny Portmore,  Between the Shadows,  The Lady of Shalott,  Greensleeves,  Tango to Evora,  Courtyard Lullaby,  The Old Ways,  Cymbeline.

Parallel Dreams     Released 1989           Remastered 2004

A great album with many of her own compositions on.  Tracks are:  Samain Night,   Moon Cradle,  Huron 'Beltane' Fire Dance,  Annachie Gordon,  Standing stones,  Dickens' Dublin (The Palace),  Breaking the Silence,  Ancient Pines.


To Drive the Cold Winter Away     Released 1987           Remastered 2004

A great winter warmer!  Tracks include:   In Praise of Christmas,  The Seasons,  The King,  Banquet Hall,  Snow,  Balulalow,  Let Us the Infant Greet,  The Wexford Carol,  The Stockford Carol,  Let All that are Mirth Inclined.

Elemental     Released 1985           Remastered 2004

A wonderful debut album that shows the power of her voice and the elegance of the harp. A must in any folk-lovers collection!! Tracks are:  Blacksmith,  She Moved Thru the Fair,  Stolen Child,  The Lark in the Clear Air,  Carrighfergus,  Kellswater,  Banks of Claudy,  Come by the Hills,  Lullaby.


There are other recordings that add flavour to any Loreena McKennitt Collection:

Caravanserai   Released November 2006

Promotional CD single, Caravanserai - Radio and Album versions.

Words and Music     Released 1997

In this little gem Loreena talks about The Book of Secrets album and the fascinating stories behind it.
Segment 1 - Loreena discusses key tracks from BoS, with musical excerpts.
Segment 2 - Loreena talks to interviewer Tim Wilson.

Live in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts     Released 1995

I love this little collection of live tracks, I regularly play this in my car, great when your stuck in those annoying traffic jams!!  Track listing:  The Mystic's Dream,  Santiago,  She Moved Through the Fair,  Between the Shadows,  The Lady of Shalott,  The Bonny Swans.  The coveted 10 track version also includes:  The Stolen Child, The Dark Night of the Soul, Marrakesh Night Market and Prospero's Speech. 

The Mummers' Dance      Released 1997

A pretty good version of this song, plus a couple of live tracks.  Listing:  The Mummers' Dance (single version),  The Mummers' Dance (album version),  Marrakesh Night Market (live version),  The Dark Night of the Soul (live version).

Words and Music  Released 1994

This was a promo-only CD interview in which Loreena talks about The Mask and Mirror album, kind of a guided tour!


The Visit - Collector's Edition      Released 1991

Contains the same tracks as The Visit album but has an extra CD with tracks as follows:  Green sleeves, An interview with Loreena, Stolen Child, Huron Beltane Fire Dance. Very interesting interview which takes place in her recording studio.