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Links to Loreena related sites, also Celtic stuff.

QUINLAN ROAD   Loreena's Official site.
OLD WAYS   A Yahoo group with attitude!! Check it out.
OWL DROPPINGS    An informative sharing file site for Old Ways List Members.
FAQ  Many questions answered in this gem of a site.  Patrik's fab web site, loads of info, photos etc.
FOLKLIB INDEX   Recently updated and pretty comprehensive, useful links to other Loreena related sites.
FABRIZIO'S PHOTOS   Great photos on these pages
JOS VAN GEFFEN  has a really good site dedicated to Loreena, lots of info and well set out.
BUSHES AND BRIARS  This is still a brilliant site, although Coos is taking a sabbatical from it at the moment. It still contains loads of excellent information!
MYTHOLOGY: Living myths    A fabulous site about various myths and legends!
New Loreena site
The Mask and the Mirror  The Mask and the Mirror  Fan listing.